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Lost and Found #5

£ 120.00
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Prints - Digital
Orange, Fuchsia, Multi-Colours
63.00cm x 59.00cm
This piece is a part of a wide ranging and ongoing series concerned with incidental and chance encounter with found objects. I am interested in the way apparently insignificant details, hardly noticed and easily overlooked can be reconfigured as significant, even iconic images. In that sense, this work is a celebration of the unnoticed. Taking photographs as I walk the dog on a beach, meander a country path or an urban street, I am always on the lookout for small, easily missed details or views. By “capturing” these then reconfiguring them on the computer and amalgamating them with different elements I hope to create new possibilities for aesthetic and intellectual reflection. In the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition, Icons are a portal into the divine. In the secular context of my work, the iconic nature of the image and its relocation into different visual containers functions as a point of self-reflection which asks the view to imagine their way towards different understandings as a part of a discursive process based on seeing.

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