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Dragon Saw

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Home - Decorative
Home - Metal
18.00cm x 120.00cm x 1.50cm
Fantasy painting of a dragon who has been awoken from it's slumber by some noise sheep, it is down to your imagination and perspective how you view this piece. Is the dragon angry and about to eat them or is it about to sneeze? This is a unique vintage saw lovingly restored. With teeth unlike any I have ever seen before, it called to me to be turned into a dragon. Painted on one side and top coated with a protective acrylic laquer, for gentle cleaning. The teeth are still sharp, so thought needs to be put into hanging and positioning. It comes with a piece of wire to hang the piece vertically, which has worked well for me. You may wish to come up with a different solution. Of displaying. This is a statement piece like no other, that will bring fun and whimsy into any home.

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