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Jo Blake


Jo Blake is a Best selling children's book author, pet portrait artist, fine artist, Illustrator, sculptor, storyteller and speaker. She lives with her family in North Devon.

Most of her work is influenced by the amazing natural surroundings, that Exmoor and the coast have to offer.

Her art is given life through her imagination and passion for the creation process. From experimenting with mixed media on canvas, to looking at the everyday from a different perspective.

Jo loves to hide hidden meaning into her work. On past commissions, collectors have given her family heirlooms to place within the paint or clay. These are hidden within the image, but gave a huge emotional significance to the owner.

"It's like a time capsule, " Jo says. "You can connect with the art and be transported back to the memory.

From writing and illustrating children's books, she hopes to empower children and support social, emotional learning.