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Paintings - Acrylic
Blue, White, Black, Gold
20.00cm x 20.00cm x 2.00cm
0.10 kg
'Depths' is an abstract acrylic pour on canvas, with a feeling being submerged, with liquid and air being pulled past you all at once. Like life at the moment for myself after the groundhog day like lock down, now people are racing around trying to feed their families and keep their businesses going. It feels like drowning. But with weather and season change can be positive, it helps us look at things in different ways and take action we wouldn't normally take. This canvas piece is ready to hang unframed, you can remove the wire and hang any way you wish. Try looking at life from a different angle if you ever feel things are becoming too much. The smallest glimmer of light can be found in some of the darkest of places. If not, make your own light and shine!

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