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Into the Light

16th November 2021

Virtual Exhibition Call

Submissions are now open for the ‘Into The Light’ Virtual Exhibition.

This is the first of ArtMakers Virtual exhibitions, a first in the UK for local regional artists. It is being curated by Sharon and Jason from Quiet British Accent, who are based in Westward Ho, but earnt their reputation as part of the East End Street Art scene. The exhibition allows local artists and makers based in northern Devon to show their original work to a global audience. The exhibition is being hosted on the ArtPlacer platfrorm, based in New York.

An Example of the Virtual Gallery

This Virtual Exhibition space can be viewed on any digital device desktop, tablet or mobile – Mac or Android.

Within the Exhibition work is displayed on a gallery wall.

Any visitor is able to click on an individual artwork to view it in detail. You will also be able to click on an information point, which then will show the same information about the work, as in our Artmakers website gallery portfolio.

You will also at this point be able to directly buy the work, which will take you to our buying page, where you will be able to complete the purchase.  Two clicks and you are there.

An Exhibition guide will be compiled and available to all visitors to the exhibition in the hamburger menu under ‘additional resources’.  

This will be a downloadable pdf.

All sales will be dealt with in the normal way with the same levels of commission, and the same delivery system, as any work bought from the Artmakers website.

To submit to the exhibition you need to register as an ArtMakers member

The close of submissions is 21 November 2021