Hello and Welcome to ArtMakers: A home to northern Devon Artists and Makers

With ArtMakers you can sell your work and accept commissions PLUS, depending on your membership level, these additional features

• Analytics from Basic (numbers of views and likes of your work) to Advanced (including frequency of views, sales breakdowns, numbers of your works on buyers’ wishlists)
• Promotion of your work on Social Media by Dirty Martini Marketing Ltd
• ‘Own Art’ - Buyers can spread the cost of buying art they might not otherwise afford while you get paid immediately.
• Opportunities to be chosen for new online exhibitions curated by nationally and internationally known artists in a virtual gallery with worldwide audience.
• A choice of over 500 room spaces to show how your work would look in a home or office.
• Opportunities for additional promotions
• 1 hour digital marketing review with Dirty Martini
• Automatic membership of Online Gallery an established Dutch Gallery with an existing international client base

Selling with Artmakers is funded by Membership fees paid monthly or annually plus a commission percentage on sales.
We offer 3 types of Sales membership:
• Basic: Free Membership + 38% Commission
• Standard: £4 per month membership + 35% Commission
• Standard+: £8 per month membership + 30% Commission

Receive 10% Discount if you choose to pay annually rather than monthly
Receive 40% Reduction on Support Membership costs if take out both Sales and Support memberships




Sales Commission 38%

Includes :
Personal Profile
ArtMakers Newsletter
Upload up to 5 works Max. 1 still image of each work
1 Week New Artist listing
Social Media Marketing
Buyers' commissions
See how many like your work
See no. views per work
Articles – read 1 per month
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£4.00 / £43.20

per month / year

Sales Commission 35%

Includes :
Upgrade to 10 works. Max 3 still images per work
2 weeks New Artist listing
Submit to 3 curated virtual exhibitions per year
Video upload
Access to Special Promotions
Read all articles
Publish up to 3 articles per year
ArtPlacer Gallery listing inc. show your work in a room
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Standard Plus

£8.00 / £86.40

per month / year

Sales Commission 30%

Includes :
Upgrade to unlimited no. works and limited edition prints. Max 10 still images of each work
1 month New Artist listing
Submit to ALL curated virtual exhibitions
‘Online Gallery’ Listing
1hr free digital marketing advice
Publish up to 5 articles per year
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