Artmakers will run a series of curated exhibitions throughout the year involving the work of Artmakers members.



Virtual Exhibition

28 Feb – 10 April 2022

WEATHER was selected by the celebrated print maker Merlyn Chesterman RE

“As artists, weather (the state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place as regards heat, cold, sunshine, rain, cloudiness etc)  often plays an important part in our work, and as citizens,  the  climate (the weather of a location over time) is of increasing relevance to us all. The weather in North Devon is ,more often than not, noticeable, and for me it is a lifelong quest to be able to capture something of it on paper. I was interested to see what other artists would do with such a dynamic subject, and one dear to so many of us.

I am delighted to be part of Artmakers, and to have had the privilege of selecting works for this virtual exhibition. I have often put my own digital images up for consideration in exhibitions, and having curated this small show, I see it as another valid way of looking and sharing what we have made. “Merlyn


This is hosted at ArtPlacer

This Virtual Exhibition space can be viewed on any digital device desktop, tablet or mobile – Mac or Android.

Within the Exhibition work is displayed on gallery walls.

YOU are able to move around the gallery by using

A. the six arrows displayed at the bottom right of the screen

B. Clicking on an artwork and you will be taken to it

C. Clicking on NEXT, which will take you to te next work in te exhibition

D. Swiping left or right using a mouse or similar device

As a visitor you will be able to click on any artwork, which then will show you the Artwork’s information.

There are four buttons below the information

BUY – takes you directly to a page where you are able to buy the artwork

INQUIRE – Allows you to write a note to ArtMakers

VIEW MORE – takes you to the Artist pages on Artmaker where if you click on their name you will be able to view more of their work

VIEW IN AR – allows you to see the work displayed on a virtual wall. You will need to download the ArtPlacer App to achieve this.

An Exhibition guide is available to all visitors to the exhibition in the hamburger menu under ‘additional resources’.  

This will be a downloadable pdf.


All sales will be dealt with in the normal way through the Artmakers website.


            If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@artmakers.uk