Artmakers will run a series of curated art exhibitions throughout the year involving the work of Artmakers members.



Spring Breaks

31st March – 14th May 2023

Spring Breaks online art exhibition was curated by the ArtMakers Team

These works by artists that live and work in north Devon celebrate the idea of Spring Breaks from the first signs of new plant and animal life to festival celebrations such as the ‘Blessing of the Sea Ceremony’ in Zoe Hyde’s ‘Free’, family days out and human freedoms in Lesley Anne Cornish’s ‘Family Outing’ and ‘Exodus’

However Spring is principally a time of change and renewal and ‘Spring Breaks’ brings together both of these artistic visions as local northern Devon creatives seek to capture this annual time of growth.  In the images of spring flowers in Lesley Ann Cornish, Rosie Burns, Instow Art Studios, and Coastal Creatives work traditional styles capture the emergence of early blooms. Meanwhile, the every changing weather and light of spring days is embraced in the works of Louise Nevison and Jennie Cousins.

The energy of spring and the fading of winter inspire other works by Rosie Burns, The Coastal Creative and Lesley Ann Cornish.

This is an exciting exhibition announcing the diversity and our reflections on nature and wider interpretations inspired by ‘Spring Breaks’

‘Spring Breaks’ is the first virtual exhibition of the ‘New Atlantic Wave ‘ in 2023.

Hilary and Phil: Artmakers

Read more about the New Atlantic Wave HERE


This is hosted at ArtPlacer

Virtual Exhibition space can be viewed on any digital device desktop, tablet or mobile – Mac or Android.

Within the Art Exhibition work is displayed on gallery walls.

YOU are able to move around the gallery by using

A. the six arrows displayed at the bottom right of the screen

B. Clicking on an artwork and you will be taken to it

C. Clicking on NEXT, which will take you to the next work in the exhibition

D. Swiping left or right using a mouse or similar device

As a visitor you will be able to click on any artwork, which then will show you the Artwork’s information.

There are four buttons below the information

BUY – takes you directly to a page where you are able to buy the artwork

INQUIRE – Allows you to write a note to ArtMakers

VIEW MORE – takes you to the Artist pages on Artmaker where if you click on their name you will be able to view more of their work

VIEW IN AR – allows you to see the work displayed on a virtual wall. You will need to download the Artplacer App to achieve this.

An Exhibition guide is available to all visitors to the exhibition in the hamburger menu under ‘additional resources’.  

This will be a downloadable pdf.


All sales will be dealt with in the normal way through the ArtMakers website.


            If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@artmakers.uk