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Weft I

£ 170.00
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Sculpture - Ceramic
Orange, Blue, White, Silver
18.50cm x 16.00cm x 17.50cm
0.86 kg
Interior - table-top
This piece is inspired by the 100-year-old industrial power looms at Coldharbour weaving Mill. It is hand-built from slabs of earthenware clay and then covered in a rich creamy slip. After a first bisque firing the piece has undergone multiple glaze firings where colours have been layered on top of each other, rubbed back and further layers added, to bring a sense of history to the surface. The surface marks are a nod towards the hours and hours of time over the years, that the looms have been in operation; marks inspired by the backwards and forwards movement of the shuttle whizzing across the loom. The orange and blue glazes reference the Devon Blue Tartan woven exclusively at Coldharbour Mill using heritage machinery and processes. Weft I belongs to my Coldharbour Collection which is a series of unique one-off limited edition ceramic sculptures inspired by my time at Coldharbour Mill, near Tiverton – one of the oldest working woollen mills in the UK – where I spent a year learning about the skilled job of weaving.

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