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Tide Pools Beaded Necklace

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Jewellery - Necklaces
Jewellery - All Materials
Green, Blue, White, Multi-Colours
43.00cm x 2.00cm x 0.50cm
This blue and green necklace is made using three pieces of sea glass and needle bead weaving. Each piece of glass has a mount created by weaving rows of beads around it, on a backing of two layers, interfacing and then leather. The pieces are then joined with needle bead weaving and the necklace completed the same way. I chose the pieces of glass so that I could graduate the colours from dark blue through green to white at the other end. I made this piece to be similar to another necklace sold last year, that one featured in a book of beaded jewellery. This one is similar in basic design but otherwise very different. I have included a vintage Swarovski marguerite crystal in bright blue, inside a cone of beading in the darker side, and a little silver coloured diamante rondelle in the lighter side, this is from a broken necklace, there are old, crystal, flat bi-cones in each side of the rondelle as well. The fastener is an old diamante button, in white base metal, with a beaded loop. The necklace sits just below the collar bones and measures 43cm long.

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