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Tangled Spiral Circular Copper Pendant

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Jewellery - Necklaces
Jewellery - All Materials
Orange, White, Multi-Colours
2.50cm x 2.50cm x 1.00cm
A circular pendant made from a disc of copper with silver wire fused to its surface in a double spiral. The centre spiral is in fine wire while the outer one is heavier. The technique to make these pendants involves heating the copper and silver until the silver melts and fuses to the surface of the copper, this is quite unpredictable and when using two different weights of wire there is a danger that the finer wire may simply melt entirely,in this case the heavier wire has melted through in one place. After the wire has melted, the piece is cleaned to remove fire stain. It is then domed slightly to give a more interesting appearance. The piece is then slightly reheated to give it a patina. It hangs from a copper jump ring on a deep red, cotton cord which is adjustable for length.

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