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Sterling Silver Strap Pendant

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Jewellery - Necklaces
Jewellery - Gold & Silver
White, Black, Silver
0.50cm x 3.00cm x 0.15cm
A silver pendant in a long narrow shape with line of raised silver down the centre, two tiny bead shapes are formed near the top of the silver line. To preserve the shape a small silver tube is soldered to the top of the pendant on the reverse to take a chain. The pendant is made by fusing fine pure silver wire to a sterling silver shape. It hangs from a 0.8mm sterling silver cable wire chain with a silver claw and loop fastener fixed to the chain with crimp loops. Approx 40cm long A little while ago I bought a bag of scrap silver from my precious metal supplier, included were a few pieces of offcut sterling silver sheet. I liked the shapes but wasn't sure what to do with them. Having fused silver to copper for a while I decided to see if two types of silver would fuse together. I used fine, or pure silver wire as it melts slightly more easily than sterling silver. The effects created with this technique are a bit unpredictable but I'm very happy with the results on this pendant, the two little beads are an unexpected but attractive bonus.

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