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Sails in the Wind Earrings

£ 20.00
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Jewellery - Earrings
Jewellery - All Materials
Orange, White, Multi-Colours, Gold
3.00cm x 1.50cm x 0.10cm
10% discount at Visibility Fair via handmade Hour use code VF2021 Sails in the Wind Earrings Sails in the Wind Earrings Description Small, triangular, copper and silver earrings with silver wire fused to the surface. The shape of these earrings suggested sails to me, they are made from two offcuts of copper sheet left from cutting another shape. Two short lengths of silver wire are fused to the copper to represent wind. The ear wires are made from silver wire. The longest measurement of the triangles is 3cm and the widest 1.5cm. The longest piece of wire has been used to form the hanging loop at the point of the triangle. The copper has been slightly re-heated after cleaning to give a slight patina. I found these two little pieces of copper when I was tidying my workspace. They looked like sails so I decided they would make nice earrings, the shapes are slightly different but alike enough. I made a similar pair from two other offcuts so I decided to give these two lengths of silver wire as the others only had one

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