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Rhythm IV

£ 245.00
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Sculpture - Ceramic
Green, Blue, White, Silver
17.00cm x 26.00cm x 9.50cm
1.73 kg
Interior - table-top
This piece incorporates repeated square mark-making on the surface which travels upwards, giving the form rhythm; echoing the sounds of the factory at Coldharbour Mill, which inspired the form. The piece is hand-built from slabs of earthenware clay and then covered in multiple layers of slips and glazes to bring a sense of history to the surface. It’s rubbed back in places to show the layers underneath. Filled with copper green glaze, the industrial-looking marks shine in the light, to celebrate the history of weaving and production at the Mill. Rhythm IV belongs to my Coldharbour Collection which is a series of unique one-off limited edition ceramic sculptures inspired by my time at Coldharbour Mill, near Tiverton – one of the oldest working woollen mills in the UK – where I spent a year learning about the skilled job of weaving.

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