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New Moon Copper, Silver and Enamel Pendant

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Jewellery - Necklaces
Jewellery - All Materials
Orange, Blue, White, Brown
4.00cm x 1.50cm x 0.20cm
A crescent shaped copper pendant with silver wire fused to it's surface and blue, low fire enamel along the bottom edge. The pendant hangs from two lengths of silver wire which fasten with a simple hook. The necklace is approximately 45cm long and sits roughly on the collar bone. The pendant is approximately 4cm long and 1.5cm deep at the widest part of the crescent. I found this copper crescent among some old materials, it was corroded and green and I decided to clean it and see what I could make from it. The silver wire is fused to the copper by melting it with a blow torch. I then added a blue highlight using a low melt enamel.

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