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Graphic, Impressionist
Paintings - Watercolour
Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, White, Multi-Colours, Brown
9.50in x 9.50cm
This watercolour was created with the aim of evoking the warmth of a late summer sunset. I wanted to capture the radiant glow the sun casts over the landscape as it dips towards the horizon on a hot day just before the weather breaks and a high pressure system is replaced with a low. The slightly bruised clouds hint at the meteorological change to come. This image has been created by building up layers of watercolour paint and working wet in wet to allow the colours to bleed and flow into one another. I also scratched lines into and below the cliffs so that the paint would settle and darken in these areas. The textural detail on the cliff in the foreground was made by applying cling film to wet paint and leaving it to dry.

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