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Copper & Silver Spiral Disc Earrings

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Jewellery - Earrings
Jewellery - All Materials
Orange, White, Multi-Colours
0.50cm x 0.50cm x 0.10cm
Small disc shaped copper earrings with silver spirals fused to the surface. The discs are approximately 10cm across and have a hanging loop at the top. The two spirals are not identical as they are hand formed from wire and then fused using a blowtorch, the way the silver melts is not predictable so the results are never exactly the same. The copper is given a slight patina after cleaning and polishing and then coated with Renaissance wax to preserve the finish. The discs are very slightly domed. I quite like the quirky nature of these pairs of earrings, there will never be another pair exactly like these. The discs hang from sterling silver ear wires. I bought these little discs by mistake when preparing for a workshop, they arrived and I realised how small they were. Rather than return them I decided to use them to make earrings. The silver wire that forms the spiral has been recycled from a pendant I took apart.

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