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A light in the dark

£ 25.00
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Prints - Digital
Orange, Blue, Multi-Colours
29.70cm x 21.00cm x 0.20cm
This is an A4, unframed, print on 325gsm paper. This print is from an original pen and ink painting. I have added a dark blue background to emphasise their habitat, using photoshop, before having them printed. The deep sea Anglerfish is rarely seen as they live in the very depths of our oceans, where no light penetrates. These scary looking fish are armed with a luminous 'rod' to attract their prey. They have several smaller lumionous markings on their bodies which pulse, creating beautiful light shows. My inspiration for paiting this 'ugly fish' is to draw attention to the amazing creatures within our Sea's, to raise awareness of the vast array of wildlife we do not see or may not even have been discovered yet. This fish may not be pretty but how incredible is nature, to have equipped these fish with lights to ensure they are able to capture their food, just stunning.

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