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Tracy C


After a 30 year full time career working in the commercial sector for 14 years and then the RSPCA for 16 years, I completed a Degree in Art and Design (Foundation) in 2015 at Oxford Brookes University.

Having changed my career 3 times and, consequently, where I live several times, my work explores how we deal with life's changes. Some changes you want, some, you don't! My favourite mediums are ceramics, glass and metal. These mediums inspire me because they change form when pressures of heat or physical manipulation are applied. It fascinates me how change isn't always a bad thing when you can make something beautiful out of it! My work often includes "kintsugi" and “wabi-sabi” (the Japanese art of embracing flaws and imperfections) and wire wrapping. Much like life; you sometimes just have to “make the best of things”! My work has been described as "organic" because of the shapes and forms I like making and I try to use recycled materials where possible and work with the results of the pressures that have been applied to these materials.  

You can see more of my work at my studio in Westward Ho! @StudioHeadlands I have also exhibited in The Burton Museum and Merry Harriers Garden Centre, in the West Country Crafters Shop. In Oxfordshire and Warwickshire; at the Heseltine Gallery, Banbury Museum, Church Lane Gallery, The Old Town Deli Cafe and Leamington Spa Jephson Gardens. Latterly winning the Judges Award for my slumped glass "Captured Memories" wrapped in metal and string. 

If you'd like to know more, or would like to visit my studio that I share with my painter husband (Gilbert Csecs Art) do take a look at my “socials” on Instagram and Facebook; @TracyJaneDesigns. @StudioHeadlands. Thank you!

Tracy Csecs

(“Church” - my husbands parents are Hungarian)