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Thomas R. O'Neal


Thomas R. O’Neal is an American born artist living in London. He first refined the craft of image making through hand-drawing and watercolour rendering, in the studio and plein air, during his rigorous architectural training. It was during this training that he discovered the possibilities of photography; another means to make impressions of the world around him. This was apparent inside the glossy architectural books and magazines that were his constant studio companions and de facto teachers. Architectural practice, in the years that followed, dominated his life as he laboured to shape the built environment and the camera took a back seat. He recently rediscovered his passion for photography and is once again in pursuit of seeing the world around him in a new way.


In this new way, O’Neal looks to see and extrapolate the poetic, beautiful, strange and the peaceful from daily life. He remains open to the influence of the master photographers that have come before him, namely: Alvarez Bravo, Haas, Kenna. However, as all artists do, he transforms this influence in the manner of his own inquisitive and amused outlook upon the world.