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Suzi Crowther


I work as an artist/printmaker from my Devon studio.  I also love to travel and experience different landscapes, city scapes people and their lives and culture. The Prague series were made as a response to  a month spent in this intreging city.  I am interested in personal narratives and journeys.  I walk, looking at parts of life that faccinate me and I want to make art out of it. My images usually  start with a photograph or a sketch. These are added to and embelished digitally. The images are then taken to the printers and printed with specific colours and proportions. My current works are small with jewel-like colours. I want people to be transported into a situation with an imagined story when they look at my art, and feel they are seeing something distinctive and unique.  I have exhibited my work in Devon and online. 

Down in the valley near Great Torrington, there's a delapidated complex of buildings, reputed to be an old abandond dairy. There a constant source of fascination and inspired me to do a series of my jewel coloured Ikons. It is rumoured that the old dairy will soon be demolished in favour of a housing estate. 

This demolished is now started. You can view my video on my youTube channel @SCrowthersVideos These 4 Ikons are now my tribute to the old dairy.