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Paul Marsh


Paul, originally from Hull in East Yorkshire, found solace in art during his youth, exploring the abandoned spaces of his hometown. His fascination with history's layers and the people around him led him to pursue sculpture at Loughborough Art School. After a hiatus, he rediscovered his passion, drawing inspiration from everyday encounters to create fictional backstories.

Experimenting with color and surface media, Paul now produces mesmerizing portraits and figurative works. His art reflects a theme of 'You could be anyone,' exploring the dual nature of people as both expendable and venerated. Through mark-making and vibrant colors, he captures the essence of individuals and unveils their stories.

Having participated in group shows across the UK, and the USA, Paul's work has gained recognition and found homes globally. Currently residing and working in Devon, he continues his artistic journey in a new environment.

Paul's story highlights the transformative power of art, from his early escape through drawing to his current exploration of human intricacies in expressive portraiture. His journey resonates with the universal theme of finding inspiration in the ordinary moments of life.