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LA Gray Art


I love to tell a visual story for you to connect with

This can bring emotional experiences that are interpreted with individual feelings; some laughter, possibly sorrow and I do hope passion just to name a few.  I love the idea that everyone will view my work creating their own personal story, perhaps seeing something different with every glimpse.


Nature is my greatest inspiration 

One of my favourite influences is finding wild flowers growing on a solid rock cliff side.  This vision mesmerizes me; it's in my thoughts throughout my painting process.  Amazing how something so beautiful is created out of nowhere, so similar to a finished painting.


My art journey started from early childhood

Art has grown up with me and is always bringing new light into my life.  I've had many mentors who've built my art bank of knowledge, re-enforcing my love of art; from childhood to adult Mother was the greatest.


Devastation brought painting into my Life

Once again I was saved by creativity.  I am sitting here today with a huge smile on my face with dreams that are never ending.  If it weren't for paints and boards my dreams may not have begun, but they did!  Paints were indeed my wild flowers and I the solid rock cliff side where paintings grew.  


The more raw emotion a painting contains

the closer it connects to you