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Helyne Jennings


Helyne Jennings is a multi media artist creating experimental abstract textile and paper wall pieces. Graduating from the Royal College Of Art in 1981 Helyne has established herself as a contemporary textile/mixed media artist. She is a member of the Craft Council Directory, Find A Maker, S.E.W, Make Southwest and Devon Artists Network, has exhibited Nationally and Internationally with works in many private and public collections Including the Craft Council Collection.

Helyne creates works through the use of thread, stitch and paint that explore emotion through colour, shape and texture.


"For me ideas are triggered through emotion, a response to either a current event or to something visual with pieces rapidly evolve using media in layers to create depth of colour and texture."


"Experimental textiles and stitch has always been my passion but the processes learnt in the making of the wall pieces has led to other practices including paper jewellery, print and photography."


Helyne now lives in Torrington, Devon where she works from home in a studio in her garden.


I welcome any enquiries, commissions and collaborations, please do not hesitate to contact me.