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Fiona Matthews Ceramics


I live and work in North Devon and came late to ceramics from a career as a Business Psychologist.  I was drawn to the malleability and tactile quality of clay and the sheer physicality of coiling and shaping larger sculptures and pots.

I work instinctively, with shape and line guiding my making, drawing upon an eclectic range of interests and ideas. I often do research, but then prefer to switch off the thoughts and let the clay guide me.

Many works are site specific and made for the outside where they can sit within, and form a relationship with,  a garden landscape  where the mood of the piece shifts with the everchanging elements and foliage.

Working with stoneware clay and using a variety of finish and glazes before high firing the pieces ensures they are frostproof.

I am currently exploring aspects of standing stones, markers, stele . In common with many people I find the underlying sense of power in the monumental, a connection to the ancient, brings  not only a sense of awe,  but belonging and safety and I aim to translate these feelings into something visible that can be touched.

I am always delighted to welcome visitors to my studio, but perhaps call or email beforehand just to ensure I am there.