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Emily Hamilton


Emily began her artistic career in Australia in 2008, drawing black and white illustrations for history books. Back in the UK she began branching in to more varied illustrative work, inspired by her love of the ocean and nature. Her work can be found internationally on greetings cards, prints, books and the occasional surfboard and wall.

She now works full time as a children’s book author and illustrator, working on her own books and collaborating with award winning authors to create picture books with publishers such as Bloomsbury and Andersen Press.   

Alongside this, she paints colourful, abstract canvases which give her the freedom to explore a looser expression of work and harness her love of bright, vibrant colour and aerial seascapes.

This abstract approach has allowed Emily to embrace her love of ocean, travel and exploration. Her paintings work to evoke happiness - the feel of sunshine, summer-soaked beaches, blue waters, ocean and salt spray.

Emily works mostly in acrylics, combining soft blends and bright pops of colours with strong sweeps of paint and strokes of impasto and gold.