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Karen, originally from Australia, moved to her

husband’s hometown of Ilfracombe over 20 years 

ago and has enjoyed raising her family in beautiful 

North Devon. A self-taught artist she has always 

loved cartooning which is evident in her quirky 

design style. Having had a previous career as a

geologist, she can’t help being captivated by the 

rugged local coastline and you will notice that rocky 

outcrops often feature in her work! She travels 

widely and has been influenced by the many forms 

of art seen on her trips, from urban murals to tribal 

bark paintings, adopting a distinctive use of bright 

colours and bold lines.

Karen has recently moved from more traditional 

printmaking methods to digital based art, created 

using an iPad and other software. She also enjoys 

surface pattern design and uses her original, unique 

fabrics to create a variety of bespoke homewares.