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Claire Peach


One of my least favourite subjects at school was art.  I just couldn't produce anything nearly as good as my school chums.  So art was never on my bucket list.  
Life takes you through many different stages, some planned and others forced upon you.  Running a growing, fast-paced. 24/7 business over decades and raising three children meant my time and energy was fully consumed.  I was unaware that, being only human, this endless pressure would indubitably result in me having a full mental meltdown.  
So a change of life was a must.  I became Shirley Valentine, moving from Surrey to North Devon in 2020.  I now had space to explore who I really was, what I wanted to try, who I wanted to be.  
In November 2021 I opened a Christmas present early: watercolour paints and papers.  I spent a few weeks playing and learning from online tutorials.  I'm hooked. Painting has become part of my healing process and, with so much to inspire me in this wonderful location, I look forward to all the joy and peace it will bring me in years to come.