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Van MarE


Van MarÉ

I have lived and worked in a land based business in North Devon since 1985.

My work stems from the observation of nature and a love of pattern and symmetry.

I have been exploring making forms with wire and found objects since 2015.

Each piece is unique as it relies on the focal points to dictate its form.




I grew up in post war London.

I was always fascinated by structure and symmetry, whether architectural or naturally formed by the plant life growing in derelict sites, allotments and the North Downs.

I studied 3-D design in the early 70's where a childhood obsession of making paper models of Archimedean solids (and later polyhedra) became an interest in geodesic forms.

My life took a different turn as I became more involved with the plant world, environmental issues and raising a family. I am continuously amazed by the way the structure and balance is changed by the interaction of nature; even just a little bite from an insect changes the perfect symmetry of the growing plant; the ravages of wind and rain fell huge trees leaving deep sores in the landscape.

I try to work with the things I find or am given; to accept their imperfections and incorporate them into the design, so that the work evolves and grows into more than the sum of its parts.

I have used reclaimed copper, shells and sea glass but more recently I have started to incorporate crystals and gemstones into my work. I am also working with copper wire that is bonded with a coating of sterling silver to give a durable finish. Both bare copper and silver filled wires are able to be antiqued and polished.

I call my work “Wearable Art” as I see it as little sculptures that you take out with you – to give yourself and others joy when they see them.


October 2021