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Sarah Lockett


Sarah Lockett is an artist living and working in North Devon. 

Inspired by the ever-changing landscape, she paints predominantly in acrylic on canvas - preferring to get lost in large-scale abstract seascapes.

Her aim is to capture the movement, character, colour and life of this coastline, in a recognisable palette of tonal blues, browns, greys and whites. She marries the layering of paint, in a textured approach, with white highlights, using brush strokes  to imitate the motion of the waves. Her work also often includes lone boats, on the shore or out at sea, always with a horizon in the background.

Her first impressionistic seascape was painted in 2007, whilst she was living in Wisconsin, USA, pining for the North Devon coast. Since then, she has exhibited her seascapes in New York, Wisconsin and the UK.