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QbA (QUIET BRITISH ACCENT) is Sharon Gale and Jason Gale, an artist duo known for their #pennydrops, hand painted pre-decimal pennies left on the street. 


Ephemeral and democratic, their pennies feature whimsical slogans and are placed in their environment, offering a thought-provoking, intimate experience for the passer-by.


Language is important to the duo and their love of the vernacular can be seen on the pennies, which often touch upon the themes of change and value.


Trained at Technical Colleges in Graphic Design and Fashion & Textiles, the couple began working together as a duo in 2011. Their work has attracted the attention of Time Out, The Guardian, the BBC & GraffitiStreet.


QbA exhibit regularly, including a three-month residency at Elements Gallery London in 2017 and a 16-day residency at Shepton Mallet Prison with the Prison Residencies, in 2021. They have taken part in the annual Art Car Boot Fair for the past eight years and have artwork in the Correspondence Collective’s permanent exhibition, called Restriction, at Clayhill Arts, Somerset. The couple have worked on various workshops and commissions with artwork in private collections internationally.