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Instagram Hack Support

06th May 2022

A series of Instagram Hacks have been taking place targeted at local artists and makers in northern Devon.

Artists we know who have been hacked report their accounts being taken over via Instagram Messenger, and access denied to them, losing everything on their account.  If the account is linked to their Facebook account then this is also affected.

The hackers are then sending out messages in the artists name to all their followers asking for support, once anyone clicks on the support link their own account is taken over, and the whole process starts again.


  • Put a double authentication on your Instagram account
  • If your Facebook Account is linked, separate the two

Tips on how to avoid hacking on instagram – created by our friends at Dirty Martini, who look after ArtMakers social media work.

  1. Avoid connecting to Instagram via Facebook
    Many people use Facebook to log in to Instagram and other apps, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If your Facebook credentials get exposed, a hacker can seize all your related accounts in the blink of an eye. Create individual logins for every account you have.
  • Use a strong password
    Always use a strong password which includes letters, numbers, and special characters. For maximum Instagram security, we recommend trying a password generator: it generates strong passwords for you and keeps them secure. And don’t forget to change your passwords from time to time, as this is one of the best practices of cyber hygiene.
  • Don’t click on links from strangers
    If you see that a suspicious account has followed you, block it.
  • Enable two-factor authentication
    Two-factor authentication puts another barrier between hackers and your Instagram account. If anyone gets your password and attempts to log in from an unrecognised device or location, they’ll be asked to verify their identity with an authentication code.

    To set up two-factor authentication, open your Instagram profile on mobile or desktop and go to Settings, Security, then Two-Factor Authentication. From there, you can choose either text messages or an authentication app.

    Instagram recommends authentication apps such as Google Authenticator or Auth0 because they are designed specifically for this purpose, so they are more secure than text messages. Think of it this way—how many devices have access to your text messages? If you’re an iCloud user, for example, your text messages might pop up on your iPad or laptop as well.

    Once you choose an authentication method, the app will also provide several backup codes in case you lose access to your authentication method. Screenshot your backup codes and store them in a secure location such as password-protected cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Protect your Instagram data from third-party apps
    You can stop third-party apps getting your data from your Instagram “Security” settings.
  • Make sure your email account is secure
    Your Instagram account — and many others! — is linked to your email account. If someone has access to one, they have access to all.

Here is a link to the Instagram HELP Centre