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Artmakers’ First Anniversary

27th October 2022

This is Artmakers’ first anniversary. ArtMakers was founded by Phil Parker and Hillary Beecroft in October 2021. This was made possible with the support of Innovate UK. It followed research undertaken by BCre8ive into the artists and makers community in northern Devon. For the origins of ArtMakers go to ORIGINS.

A logo of a green vase behind a black frame on a white background
ArtMakers Green Logo

ArtMakers first anniversary sees growth from an initial ten supporters to over 120 members of practising artists and makers in northern Devon. This total reflects an active community of over 300 in these two districts situated along the two rivers of the Taw and Torridge.. ArtMakers has staged five virtual exhibitions. The first exhibitions of their kind in the UK for regional contemporary artist and makers. These were curated by Quiet British Accent, Ian Danby, Merlyn Chesterman and Sandy Brown.

It also ran a series of masterclasses covering everything from ‘Funding’ to ‘Art,Health and Wellbeing’ from Ilfracombe to Holsworthy.

In addition, it supported workshops in screenprinting with Silk Crystal and woodblock printing with Merlyn Chesterman. The latter led on to two ArtMakers’ members setting up a new gallery and framing business.

The New Atlantic Wave logo with the name sitting above a surging black and white wave bursting into a large black frame.
New Atlantic Wave – based on ‘Winter Wave by Merlyn Chesterman

The ‘New Atlantic Wave’ is the brand name used by ArtMakers to identify the diverse range of creative talent working in northern Devon. This is a remote coastal region where over 300 artists and makers work. The name combines the location along the Atlantic Coast with the surfing community which is a major part of this holiday region, and the new diversity found among this creative community.

ArtMakers has also played an active part in shaping the Northern Devon Cultural Strategy, and supporting the creation of new artists studios in the region.

Looking forward Artmakers aims to increase the sale of local artists and makers work through new diverse avenues from holiday cottage offers to pop-up exhibitions.

For an infographic and more read One Year Old