Jargon Busters:Social Media

Socila Media Jargon Busters - terms and definitions

Social Media Jargon Busters sets out the Terms and Definitions to help you find your way through the Social Media experience.

social media buttons on a blank background
Just some of the social media platforms available

Who are the ‘Audience‘ in Social Media?

The term is used to describe the demographic makeup of platform users i.e. the different people who use a platform/social media service. For more detail on the audiences for different platforms read Guidance for Using Social Media

What is a Branding Persona?

This is a profile of the type of person you think your work will appeal to, and is used in making marketing decisions e.g. which social media platform to use. See ArtMakers Guidance for using Social Media – Part Two

What are Boards?

This is where you store your Pins (see below) on Pinterest.  You are able to organise your images, videos, etc.  into a collection on a board.

What are filters?

These are elements added to photos and videos to give them a distinct appearance. These range from the well-known, cat’s face feature to small animated characters.

Who are Friends?  

These are people you connect with individually on a platform. Some platforms have limits on the number of friends you can have e.g.Snapchat.

What are Groups?

These are spaces on Facebook, created by a Facebook user who wishes to establish a group on Facebook around a particular subject. Closed groups only allow certain people, who are invited to join, and are able to share the content of the group. An open group is one in which anyone on Facebook is able to join and share.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags or tags are used on platforms so that people searching for specific words can find your posts.

What are Likes?

A symbolic gesture made to indicate you ‘like’ a post, a pin, etc. on a social media platform.

What is a Page?

A page is a place on Facebook where an organisation e.g. charity, business or artist can promote their own activities, and launch news stories etc. Information published here is automatically copied into any followers           newsfeed.

What are Pins?

Pins is the name given to content you upload onto Pinterest. It functions in the same way a post functions on Facebook.

What is a Post?

The is the name given to each individual piece of content you upload to Facebook. It is what you can share with others, have others comment on, and like.

What is a Reel?

A Reel is a short, edited, video on Instagram. It can be 15 or 30seconds long. It provides you with the ability to smoothly transition between shots and add various filters.

What are Stories?

Stories are short videos you can edit and place on several different social media platforms.    On Facebook they can be up to 20 seconds; on Snapchat up to 60 seconds. Instagram has a range of options from 7 seconds to 60 seconds.

NOTE: Other lengths and formats of video are often available under different parts of social media platforms options e.g. IGTV now Instagram Video

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