Selling with ArtMakers

A Guide to Selling Your Work on ArtMakers

This ArtMakers introduction covers the following areas to help you make the most of the ArtMakers sales opportunities. It covers the following topics

To join artmakers as a seller you need to live/work within North Devon(North Devon and Torridge DC areas). To join please REGISTER.

This introduction covers the following topics, may of which will apply to all online galleries and sales operations, not just ArtMakers.

  1. Pricing
  2. Creating Your Portfolio
  3. Uploading new works
  4. Submitting to the online Exhibitions
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. The business of Selling


The key factors in pricing your work are:-

1. How much are the materials costing you to create it?

2. How much do you value your time i.e. how much do you want to pay yourself an hour?

3. What is the commissioning rate you are paying to a gallery/shop?

4. What margin of income or pricing comparison do you want to work with?

The margin of income – often referred to as the profit margin, is the mark-up you wish to put on your work.  This will allow you to calculate how much to charge beyond your initial costs i.e 1-3 above.

Price comparisons are important especially when you are trying to sell in a crowded market.  Research what similar works are selling for and arrive at what the average        price – it can be a range – for these works is and see how this fits with your initial costs.

Remember: Your work is unique, therefore, seriously review how you value it and yourself.

For a more detailed explanation and advice please read Format magazines’s ‘How to Price Your Art Work?

Creating Your Portfolio

Your portfolio page on ArtMakers contains the following elements

Your name

Your contact email

ABOUT: Your Biography

NOTE: We suggest you include a note on the type of work you create, where you learnt your skills, how long you have been creating works, where you are based, what are the subjects which inspire you.

YOUR WORKS, which you have uploaded to the site

NOTE: We recommended you add a description to each work, covering such elements as where you created it, what was the inspiration, what technique/s did you use, why the work is important to you, how long it took to create and how it relates to your other works.


Uploading new works

This is easily achieved via the My Art link under My ArtMakers in the top bar of the site when you have registered.

Submitting to the online Exhibitions

ArtMakers will be curating several online exhibitions in an AR gallery, where buyers will be able to move around and view artworks on a gallery wall online.

You will be able to submit any of your works for possible inclusion in these special exhibitions via the ArtMakers website. In addition, ArttMakers will be submitting some works to the ‘Discover’ on ArtPlacer’s New York based online gallery, where your artwork can will be promoted to ArtPlacer’s buyers.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your artworks via ArtMakers could not be easier. Dirty Martini, our marketing team, will be weekly marketing works from our gallery, and promoting individual artists and makers, via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.   Press releases and articles in art magazine will also feature artist and makers on the ArtMakers site.

In addition, we are offering a reduced-price, package of marketing support to you as an ArtMakers member to review your Facebook, Instagram, etc. pages and your website to ensure it is working well, plus help you plan your own online marketing efforts.

The Business of Selling on ArtMakers

Once a buyer has selected your work they are taken through an online buying process the same as Amazon and supermarket systems.  Once the sale is confirmed, including additional costs e.g shipping , etc you are informed via email. ArtMakers holds the money on account until the work is delivered.

Meanwhile, you arrange the shipping of the artwork and upload the details onto ArtMakers, who forward these to the buyer. You then send the work. Any issue e.g. delays will be sent to you via email. Once the buyer has confirmed receipt, and the legally required 7 days cooling off period has expired ArtMakers automatically transfer the money to your account, minus commission.

For more on the business of being an artist or maker see The Business of Art





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