Selling online – Shops

A List of the most popular shops

This Artmakers information sheet lists popular and effective online shops or marketplaces for selling art and craft works in 2021.

This is a selection, not a comprehensive review, and we receive no commission for listing them here.

For an overview of selling on please read ‘Selling Online – An Introduction’ and for selling via galleries check out ‘Selling Online – galleries’.

Given the number of people listing work on most sites this is a very competitive and crowded environment. The key thing to remember is that the sites will not promote your work, this is down to you. Though some sites will have featured artists (often sponsored) and may curate work similar to yours in a collection to view.

So just putting your work on a site does not guarantee sales. Ideally, you need to promote your work via other social media platforms, networks, exhibitions and fairs.  Join Artmakers for expert marketing support from Dirty Martini, our marketing  team – Join here.(ADD LINK)

NOTE: Sites that favour craft items are marked with a dot.

  • Etsy is the most popular makers site for direct sales. The range of work for sale favours makers with a unique style and prices range from £1.99 to over £2,000.

Selling on Etsy is not free you pay a very small sum to list your work £0.15) and a transaction fee on your sales (5%,4%+£0.20) If you use their Offsite Ads there is an additional commission of !5%.

Zatista a curated site for artists predominantly working in paint, photography and mixed media. You submit your initial works for approval by Zatista, who review applications quarterly. Commission is 45%.

INPRNT  sells prints of submitted and approved artwork. There are over 900 pages’ worth of prints available. Artists interested in selling with INPRNT need to open an account(shop) on the website and submit three pieces of art for review. If the people at INPRNT like what they see, artists are offered a chance to sell on the website.

VSUAL is a specialist print on demand operation designed for print makers to sell via an online shop on their site. They handle all transactions, printing, fulfillment, and customer service, end-to-end. Your price per print is based upon a base price, calculated by the site, plus a markup. The maximum profit you are allowed per print is US$100/£72.

  • ART in the HEART   A UK curated hand crafts and prints online shop.  Focus on the gift market, and established in 2012. There is an annual registration fee and a commission (25%) on each sale.

Deviant Art specialising in manga, fantasy, and futuristic prints this site claims to have the largest number oof members over 61 million, and shocases  370 million works. You upload to a free shop and set your prices. They have curated collections based on artist’s own selected identifiers.

  • Society 6 specialise in crafts and decorative work for the home, and office. They have a series of ‘experts’ globally, who will create your work as prints, or print it on everything from wall hangings to cushions and mats. They also sell some basic furniture. Commission is 90%.

Threadless  a curated print on demand shop front where your designs/artwork can be illustrated on various items for people to view, and then featured in the Threadless Market place.  Creating your online shop on their site is free. However, their goal is to sell your designs on their products e,g, T-shirts, Pillow etc  and you receive a percentage of the sale price. The percentage varies from item to item. For example, if you sell 100 T-Shirts at £25 you will receive £1000.

RedBubble another online website selling your design/artwork on their products.  They price dependent on the ‘profit margin’ you want to charge plus their ‘base fee’.  The base fee includes some local US taxes, a manufacturing fee charged by the third-party manufacturer, plus Redbubble’s fee for hosting the marketplace and facilitating the transaction

  • The Crafts Council Directory Though strictly not a shop this directory of over 800 carftspeople acts as a shop front for makers across the UK, which can be searched for topics and individuals.  It cost £5 a month to join,

I hope you have found tis useful for more information please join ArtMakers.


Selling online - Shops




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