‘Selling Online – Galleries’

A Listing of the major online art galleries

This Artmakers information sheet lists the major online art galleries in 2021, based upon memberships and usage.

This is a selection, not a comprehensive review, and we receive no commission for listing them here.

For an overview of selling on please read ‘Selling Online – An Introduction’ and for selling via shops check out ‘Selling Online – shops’.  For selling via Artmakers see Selling with ArtMakers

Given the number of people listing work on most sites this is a very competitive and crowded environment. The key thing to remember is that the sites will not promote your work, this is down to you. Though some sites have featured artists (often sponsored) and curate work similar to yours in a collection to view.

So just putting your work on a site does not guarantee sales. Ideally, you need to promote your work via other social media platforms, networks, exhibitions and fairs.  Join Artmakers for expert marketing support from Dirty Martini, our marketing team.

Galleries in the top Twenty (UBS Art Market 2021) with an online application process.

Saatchi Art – the UK based major online gallery for contemporary art part of an online and offline operation. Artist from over 100+ countries with up to 1.6m monthly visits to their gallery. You gain access by creating an account and uploading photographs of your work. Commission of 35% in a non-exclusive policy.

Singulart– a major curated online gallery which selects artist based on full-time practice, with a major exhibition record, representing artists from 45 countries. Claim to reach 3m art collectors a month.  Make an online application listing creative history  etc., it is reviewed within one month, prior to being allowed to submit to the site. Details of fees/commission not available on website.

Rise Art– a major curated online gallery, with some offline exhibitions.  Application is online with a CV, portfolio and other supporting material. Work listed on Rise Art is exclusive to Rise Art, though they expect you to be represented by other galleries. 40% commission fee.

Degreeart– If you are currently studying or graduated within the last five years from a recognised higher education art or design course, you can apply online to be represented on this site which focusses on new/emerging talent.  Work is exclusive to Artellite(the company running degreeart). Commission 40-50% reduced to 20% if sold via their market place.

Other Online Galleries  operating in the UK. 

This is not a comprehensive list but it contains the most popular.

Art2Art 10, 000 artworks over 800 artists. Represent artists from whole of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Review artist’s applications prior to acceptance onto site. Need minimum of 3 artworks to upload with application. Free membership. Commission 35%

Artfinder 7,000 artist listed. 15,000 new artworks added a month; Review applications – need min 4 artworks to submit plus online presence e.g. website or Facebook etc account. 8-10 weeks review time.

Memberships:  Starter- Free up to 30 artworks; Standard and Professional – unlimited artworks. Commission:  Starter 40%; Standard and Professional 33%.

ArtGallery – a UK based online gallery, with some offline exhibitions. Represent artists from whole of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Non-exclusive deal. Two membership levels: Free – only 3 artworks accepted; Gold  – up to 150 works – £30p.a.  Commission:  35% online 50% in offline exhibitions.

Artists and Illustrators 23,000 artists. Over 31,000 artworks. Based upon established magazine of the same title – part of Chelsea magazine group. Unlimited artworks. Membership £2.49mo or £24.99yr.  Commission 0%.

We hope you find this listing useful in your development as an artist and maker.  For more information on selling online consult our Support pages Knowledgebase


Selling Online - Galleries




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