Jargon Busters: Facebook

Jargon Busters : Facebook - an ArtMakers Inntroduction.

Jargon Busters : Facebook is ArtMakers introduction to Facebook key terms i.e. words used in the website to help you navigate your way around the Facebook universe. NOTE: Facebook is now part of Meta, and via the business suite you are able to link your Facebook and Instagram posts directly.

For more detailed information, beyond Jargon Busters, please register with ArtMakers, where you will find detailed information on how to use Facebook, its upload requirements and using Facebook ads.

A Screenshot of an ArtMakers Facebook page.

Facebook Overview

Audience – Individuals aged 25 to 34 years made up the largest group of Facebook users by age in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2021.

Pros – Good for sharing images and text; videos linked from Youtube/Vimeo, as well as embedded. You can sell and advertise your artwork.  Ability to have a personal page as well as a business page and groups. Ability to share Facebook stories

Cons- lots of adverts, limited views of posts on a business page unless you pay for boosting/sponsorship of posts.

Jargon Buster

Who are the Audience?

The term used to describe the demographic makeup of platform users. Details are found in Analytics if you are an admin for a Facebook page.

What is a Business Page?

A page is a place on Facebook where an organisation e.g., charity, business or artist can promote their own activities, and launch news stories etc. 

What are Groups?

These are spaces on Facebook, created by a Facebook user who wishes to establish a group on Facebook around a particular subject. These can be closed groups with only certain people are invited to join and are able to        share the content of the group. An open group is one in which anyone on Facebook is able to join and share.

What is a Mention?

This is a list of the comments made on your page. It used to be called’ Comments’!

Image of a crowded desktop with a hashtag written a a blue post it note.
Jargon Busters ; Facebook – Hashtag

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags or tags are used on platforms so that people searching for specific words can find your posts.

What are Likes?

A symbolic gesture made to indicate you ‘like’ a post, a pin, etc. on a social media platform.

What is a Personal Profile?

A Personal profile needs to be set up to use Facebook, it is where you can choice to connect with friends and post personal content.

What is a Post?

The is the name given to each individual piece of content you upload to Facebook. It is what you can share with others, have others comment on, and like.

What is a message?

This is a post you want to send to a specific person/s on Facebook.

What are Stories?

Stories are short videos you can edit and place on several different social media platforms. On Facebook they can be up to 20 seconds.

What are Notifications?

This is a list of all the comments, likes etc which have happened on your page. If you click on one you are taken directly to this ‘like’ etc. If you do not read a notification or mark it as ‘read’ then it remains on the listing. The number of notifications is indicated in a small red dot at the top of the page. This will show up to a maximum of 20+, which means there is more than twenty in the list!

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