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Jargon Busters: Artists and Makers Business Types

Jargon Buster for Artists' Business Types

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Sales Notes

Managing Sales: Art Makers handles financial transactions Artists pack and send their own work

Social Media Marketing: Work on the Art Makers site is be promoted across a range of platforms

† Own Art: Loan arrangement helping anyone who might not otherwise be able to afford to buy art to spread costs over 10 months interest free. Full payments to artists made at time of the sale

# PR Promotion: Mentions and photographs of your work in magazine articles.

* Live Exhibitions: From time to time we will offer the opportunity to submit work to a live exhibition some of which will include a submission fee.

** Curated Virtual Exhibitions: Each live exhibition run by ArtMakers will be accompanied by an online virtual exhibition hosted by the ArtPlacer App

Support and Information Notes

Peer to Peer Chat room: Create informal links between yourself and other artists for information and skills exchanges

Information & Jargon Explainers: Introductory Information on selected topics plus lists of sources for funding, training, artists network organisations etc.

Detailed Information pdf's: Expanded information details on existing topics, new topics and Advice Tips as pdf downloads

Membership of a-n.: Std+ Automatic enrollment to a-n membership giving access to additional sources of information, insurance cover and reduced cost shipping insurance (Worth £38pa)