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The Northern Devon Connection

          –  Why call it northern Devon?

          –  Why are Sales Memberships restricted just to northern Devon?

          –  Can I sign up for Support Membership if I’m not in northern Devon?

          –  Will ArtMakers always work just with Artists and Makers from northern Devon?

The Landing Page

          –  Who Designed the Landing page?

          –  How do I get to the main part of the site from the Landing Page?

          –  How do I log-in from the Landing Page?

          –  How do I register from the Landing Page

Joining ArtMakers

          –  Do I have to be a member to use the site?

          –  Can I sign-up if I don’t live in northern Devon

          –  Why are there 2 sets of memberships?

          –  How much does membership cost?

          –  Can I have sales only membership?

          –  Can I have support only membership?

          –  Is there any reduction if I want both types of membership?

          –  If I take out a joint membership: can I mix different levels of Selling and Support?

          –  Is VAT Included in the membership costs?

          –  What are the different types of benefits available for Sales

          –  What are the different types of benefits available in your Support membership?

Uploading Your Artwork to Sell

          –  How do I add my work to the ArtMakers Gallery?

          –  How should I photograph my work?

          –  Can I upload a Video?

          –  Does ArtMakers have to approve my work before I upload it?

          –  Who reviews my work?

          –  Does ArtMakers want exclusive exhibition rights to works that are uploaded to the        


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