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Intro to Fancy Yarns: Core Spinning, Thick & Thin Singles and Spiral Plying

  • 10 Jun 2022
  • 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • 40.00
  • The Town Hall 5 Broad Street South Molton EX36 3AB
  • Textiles

So, you can spin a fairly even yarn, and you feel like you are ready to take on a new challenge? Then why not try this introduction to fancy / art yarns (no previous experience necessary)? Amanda will show you the building blocks to create many styles of art yarn. These basic techniques will cover core spinning, thick and thin singles, and spiral plying. We will be working with combed tops for starters, but some of the techniques also work well with locks or carded batts. Core-spun yarn is the perfect technique to show off the luscious colours in striped or space-dyed top, and those same tops with just a bit of extra know-how can create a very stable slubbed single. You will then be able to combine these elements to create bulky textured yarns, spirals, flame, coils, beehives and many more, all from your favourite combed tops. Why not join us and put that stash to new and exciting uses (or even discover a new reason to add to it)? Skill Level Information (what will be covered): The class is aimed at competent spinners who have good control over their wheel, but no prior knowledge or experience of fancy / art yarns is necessary. What is included? 150g of wool and wool blend tops will be provided as class materials, plus plus cotton threads (for core and bindings). You will also receive a voucher for a beverage of your choosing from the pop-up MOW café. What do students need to bring? A wheel (clean and well oiled) with at least three bobbins (don’t necessarily need to be empty, we can work on top of existing yarn). A sample niddy-noddy , lazy-kate and notebook and pencil, plus swing tags for labelling samples. Any cones of fine two-ply yarn or cotton sewing thread they have in stash, no need to go out and buy anything specially, as the tutor will have a good range available for use during class.