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Via Francigena Sculpture Commission – Dover

  • 18 Aug 2022
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Prize: 0.00 and -
  • Sculpture

Kent Downs AONB, North Downs Way and Dover District Council would like to commission an artist/architect to design, create and install a sculpture for Dover seafront, marking the end of the Via Francigena. The site-specific artwork will promote the special characteristics of the VF/ North Downs Way and its pilgrimage heritage as a route for reflection, renewal, and inspiration. Background Kent Downs AONB and North Downs Way are working with artists to commission a series of Inspiring Views projects along the North Downs Way. These projects include view restoration, conservation work and site-specific artworks that incorporate an opportunity for rest and contemplation. The artworks will highlight the inspiring views, provide a reason to visit, pause and appreciate each specific location while encouraging interaction from visitors. Kent Downs AONB & North Downs Way will be working with Dover District Council for the Via Francigena Dover seafront project. The Via Francigena runs from Canterbury to Rome. In Kent, it follows the route of the North Downs Way. The VF is an ancient pilgrimage route, approximately 2700km long. It was walked by Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 900 AD, and many have followed in his footsteps since. Currently, around 30,000 people walk the route every year. The European Association of the Via Francigena would like to increase this number substantially in the next few years. Please see the link for more details