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Pure Art 360 Open Call

  • 31 Jul 2022
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Prize: 500.00 and Please see website for details
  • Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Prints

Pure ART360 EDITION 4 Connecting artists with art lovers! Conceived as a dynamic digital event concept to support artists during the global pandemic, ART360 provides a truly immersive 360 degree art experience for artists and collectors. An opportunity for artists worldwide to get visible on digital, showcase, exhibit and sell their artwork. * Edition 4 submissions will close at midnight on the 31st July 2022 * Submit your application below now (it's free to submit) Welcome to ART360 Edition 4 Pure ART360 is an interactive digital and printed magazine, a series of artists broadcasts, physical and online exhibitons, and NEW for 2022 Hastings Biennial Art Fair at Bannatyne Hotel & Spa, Hastings UK and event programme. It is delivered dynamically online via Crowdcast, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, the Pure ART360 website and the ISSUU digital magazine platform and physically at Bannatyne Hotel & Spa, Hastings in the UK. Edition 4 Theme: "The Artists Studio" The physical magazine will be available to collect from the Art Fair and exhibitions, and available to purchase on the Pure website. Live and pre recorded broadcasts will take place during November and December. Live broadcasts will be live streamed on Facebook. Pre recorded broadcasts will be premiered on Facebook, Youtube and the Pure ART360 website. The physical exhibitions will take place from July through to March 2023. All selected participating artists will be promoted from October 2022 across social media and press.