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Open Call : British Ceramics Biennial AWARD 2023

  • 12 Oct 2022
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Prize: 9999.99 and 10 Finalists: £1,000 each
  • Ceramic

AWARD is the British Ceramics Biennial’s headline exhibition. It is a prestigious exhibition formed from an open submission that celebrates the vitality of contemporary ceramics practice in the UK. A panel of experts who are integral to the growth and innovation of contemporary ceramics come together and select ten artists to exhibit in the BCB festival. Each selected artist will receive £1,000 towards a presentation of their work as a central component of the 2023 BCB festival. From the ten selected artists, one prize winner is selected, announced and awarded a £10,000 cash prize during the festival. “AWARD is the leading exhibition of contemporary ceramic art in the UK. It celebrates ground-breaking, progressive practice and allows artists to challenge themselves and the ceramics status quo. This headline exhibition of the BCB festival take audiences on a journey with contemporary ceramics, solidifying the role of clay as a rich material for storytelling, experimentation, playfulness, risk taking and activism.” Clare Wood, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, British Ceramics Biennial & AWARD Panel Member