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NFT Biennial Open Call

  • 01 Nov 2022
  • Entry fee: free
  • Prize: 0.00
  • Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Prints

We are inviting visual artists, musicians, and performers to submit their NFT artworks to be part of the NFT Biennial 2022, which will be held in January and February 2023 in different countries. NFT Biennial consists of physical venues in 10 cities including Istanbul, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Bogota, Ichinomiya (Japan), Brussels. There will be metaverse exhibitions and phygital experiences (where audience can experience both the metaverse and physical exhibition through screens and projections) with local and global events. During the NFT Biennial, we will hold panels and art talks by globally prominent art professionals and will provide the audience with a comprehensive phygital experience.