Chaiya Art Awards : Awe and Wonder

Chaiya Art Awards where art explores spiritual themes
Chaiya Art Awards is the UK’s biggest art awards illuminating spirituality with a top prize of £10,000. Our name Chaiya means treasure in heaven. We set up Chaiya Art Awards because we are passionate about exploring spirituality for all humanity. This inclusive competition is open to visual artists of all faiths and to those with none.

You can enter all visual artistic mediums that gallery@oxo and Bargehouse can display including but not limited to painting, drawing, graphic design, sculpture, mixed media, photography, video, textiles, ceramics, glass, wood and installations. You can read any criteria guidelines in our Terms and Conditions here.




£1 work: £15, 2 works: £25, 3 works: £35. Standard: 1 work: £20, 2 works: £35, 3 works: £50. Concessions: £10 per entry.


9999.99 and Public Choice: £1000 Judges Awards: £500 (eight prizes of £500 each)


Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Sculpture, Prints, Textiles, Ceramic