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BBA Artist Prize 2023

  • 23 Nov 2022
  • Entry fee: Entry fee is 29 EUR up to 9th January 2023, after is 39 EUR.
  • Prize: 1000.00 and 5 prizes including international exposure and cash prizes.
  • Drawings, Ceramic, Sculpture, Photography, Paintings, Prints

Since 2017, the BBA Gallery, Berlin, has been working with and empowering ‘emerging’ to ‘mid-career’ artists from all over the world. A gallery that will open those ever so stubborn doors of the industry, introduce you to who’s who inside and share your artistic vision with the rest of the world. All themes welcome. Visual excellence, storytelling, conceptual thinking, technical craftsmanship, subject depth, and understanding – these are just a few aspects that the jury of industry professionals will take into consideration. Whether you are a seasoned artist with an existing track-record, a promising talent starting your journey, or simply enthusiastic about art, the BBA Artist Prize 2023 is a great opportunity to show your work. Submit up to 5 artworks. Lots of prizes to be won please find more info via the link below. There is a Black Friday entry discount for a limited time, please follow the link to find out more.