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When we talked to artists in the area at the beginning of this process the priorities were ‘getting work seen’ and easy access to information, support and training rather than having to search across the internet to find the ‘right’ resources.

ArtMakers is therefore bringing methods of ‘getting work seen’ and access to sources of information support and training all in one place with easy click throughs to different parts of the website.

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A Little History

ArtMakers is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company – Reg. No. 13269909 set up in March 2021. We launched the website in October 2021 and our first virtual exhibition ‘Into the Light’ curated by Quiet British Accent, opened in November 2021. We were supported in this work by InnovateUK and continue to work with EDGEUK.

By the end of November 2021 we had over 50 artist and makers on the site. Our second virtual exhibition ‘Our Environment’ curated by Ian Danby, director of the Burton at Bideford, opened in Jan 2022.

Northern Devon?

So why have we chosen to focus so closely on promoting the work of artists just in northern Devon?

First and foremost it’s because artists and makers here have great talent and except for a few, have limited opportunities of reaching audiences outside the local area.

Second, northern Devon is ArtMakers home, so it’s an excellent place to start.

…. But the experience of northern Devon artists is not unique.  The situation faced by artists here is also an example of other talent clustered in dispersed communities in rural/coastal parts of Britain where access to people who love art often proves difficult.

Right now our aim is to broadcast loud and clear that artists and makers in northern Devon create great art that can enhance anyone’s home or workplace.

Once we have proved that, we want to become a hub for other dispersed rural/coastal communities.    So come and talk to us if you love art and want to buy or if you are an artist/maker anywhere.


See also the ArtMakers ‘Origins Story’ to learn how ArtMakers came about.