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Where we all come from!

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Daily Life
Prints - Block Print
Yellow, Blue, Black
50.00cm x 40.00cm x 2.00cm
2.00 kg
Where we all come from! Along with general frustrations of gender - expectation, association, pay gap, pronoun over ideas and representation; the notion of 'where are you from?': whether in reference to being a 'local', race, ethnic origin etc is mightily bothersome. Arguably a misplaced concern that has resulted in endless divisions, war, social unrest and so on and so forth - all human beings come from the same place - a womb, you can't grow a whole one without. A little more concern for humanity as a collective would, possibly, generate a great deal more unity and peace, and it's funny ... Collagraph printed on recycled cotton rag paper, water based ink and a gold glaze, a dirty dozen edition of 12 - 11 available. 50x40cm approx unframed £275 framed £325

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