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Otter’s Got a Bottle

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Prints - Woodcut
White, Black
45.00cm x 454.00cm x 2.00cm
1.00 kg
Otters Got a Bottle - woodcut print: a national plastic waste count, alongside long walks by the river Torridge - the home of the Tarka Trail (named after an Otter) led to the creation of this print. Building an eco-friendly world is a big challenge, avoiding single use plastics (#bansingleuseplastics -) is a small step we can all take to reduce pollution that often ends up in our waterways. We live in a beautiful, fragile environment, single use plastic is affecting Earth's costal communities, consumption habits must change to protect and enhance our relationship with our seas and oceans. Otter's Got a Bottle Woodcut print - edition of 50 Framed 45x45cm approx

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